….. First class enthusiasm, commitment and determination to succeed.  Clear understanding of the industry, demonstrating enviable knowledge and experience whilst focusing on guiding the client to solving the problems they face.  Great support in advising and caring for customers each step of their journey.  Pro-active in managing expectations and addresses any challenges head on.

Lindsay Paton, Office Manager, Tryst Dentistry.

As the security manager of a large logistics company, I have worked with them over the past five years, I have found them to be one of the most professional people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Their knowledge of the security of information is expansive and their diligent manner ensures their clients receive only the best that is available. They are professionals in everything undertaken, natural negotiators and will work diligently to ensure that only the proper and exact business plan is presented, we look forward to a continued working relationship for many years to come.

Derek Milne, Head of Security, Malcolm Group

….. They show ambition to succeed, loyalty and commitment to the role which combined with skill, genuine empathy and instinct to do ‘what is right’ One of their greatest strengths is their hard work ethic combined with sales and people skills to produce top performance.

Simon Lumb, Wincanton Records Management

…Although a new business, they were instrumental in developing a successful plan.  In addition, their IT and organisation skills were of considerable benefit to our business.

David Bennett, DataSafe Edinburgh

…. extremely trustworthy and honest top performance exceeding expectations in what was considered to be a difficult geography, they are successful due to their structured management, they have a “can do” mentality and a bubbly personality definitely enabled our team meetings to be productive and fun. Well respected by all colleagues and our business as a whole.  AEBC have a great work ethic and knowledge of the Information Management Market together with their professional approach.

Mike Wilson, Commercial Director, Iron Mountain

…. A model professional, demonstrates a high level of resilience, and tenacity, is supremely organised and is a genuine expert at uncovering customer needs and delivering a compelling proposition.

Philip Clark, Cintas Document Management

….. over a number of years working together, I found them to be extremely diligent, hard working, and very successful with our client relationships. I would highly recommend AEBC.

Jon Fowler, Wincanton Records Management

…. I have always found them to be highly effective at new business and account management. Well organised, passionate about their work and committed to delivering excellent service to their customers, Kirsty Browne is exceptional professional.

Dan Sinclair, Wincanton Records Management

…..I have had the pleasure of working with Kirsty Browne for several years now and have always found her to be very professional, focused and determined.  Incredibly knowledgeable in Records Management, her personal commitment to deliver a sound sales solution shines through every time. Nothing but the best is good enough for Kirsty, she raises the bar when it comes to commitment and integrity. An outstanding Executive and great team player. Kirsty’s own historical sales performance is top of the table. It is not unusual to hear clients talk about Kirsty at a personal level, such is the impact she has had when dealing with her clients and colleagues. I have no hesitation at all in recommending AEBC to any prospective client.

Gary Keep, Wincanton Records Management

….I have had the pleasure in working with Kirsty Browne over the years, she is without doubt, one of the best colleagues I have ever worked with.   Kirsty conducts herself with the upmost professionalism and leads by example whilst also making sure that everyone internally is involved in any tenders or projects in their quest to deliver operational excellence for all their clients with a service and price to match.

Joe Thomson, XPO Logistics Europe