Small & Medium Enterprises

AEB Consulting Scotland have had the privilege to work with some amazing people within this Sector these past two decades and have earned a strong and robust reputation for delivering excellence.  Today, as independents, we are determined to make a big difference and are here to assist you. AEB Consulting Scotland can take the initial sourcing requirement right through to full implementation of services and support to remove the pain, we will utilise our 18 years of experience to deliver an efficient and cost effective service for you.

We believe SME organisations are often stretched to manage their data and yet are under the same if not greater compliance and client pressures as any other business to ensure they securely manage and protect vital business and customer information whilst keeping costs down.  The task of choosing the right Suppliers for Archive Storage, Digitising/Scanning Services, Secure Shredding and Project services and so on, can be overwhelming, too much choice & detail, inconsistent supplier jargon, huge misleading price ranges, confusing contracting, lack of customer support and misdirection which leads to confusion and concern thus delayed decision being made and more costs.

Example of SME Client showing 4 key actions taken to execute Consultancy Services:

Agree a plan for long term strategy, what is required and when, current volumes, record types, access, locations, current suppliers, budgets and timelines.

1. Establish a Retention Plan where necessary

2. Projects established where necessary, this could mean recording assets held within the business at various locations or an RFQ to market,

3. Recommendations on options and improvement reporting

4. Procedure Document produced for internal staff -ie ‘How To’ present the whole service provision to staff, share, discuss, plan additional actions going forward *There are no restrictions to this list, what are your business frustrations?  We can assist!