Financial Services

AEB Consulting Scotland believe Financial Services Providers are constantly looking to Improve their services & support to their clients.  They rely upon their specific expertise, they are trustworthy, are ethical in all that they deliver for their clients and should be confident to boast reliable reputations in their market.

It is therefore imperative that their Internal Process or Practice Management Systems compliment their day to day service delivery both internally and externally with efficient use of their staff time across the whole organisation.  Compliance, Privacy, Management of Sensitive Financial Information and Data Protection (GDPR) are Specific and Crucial Components that work in conjunction with a robust, cost effective Records Retention Plan.

Experience has taught us that across SME to Large Corporate Organisations, there is always room for improvement by utilising our ‘un-biased’ approach and vast Knowledge within this sector.  Our Consultancy Services deliver efficient and flexible options for your consideration and often compliment an existing Procurement or Facilities Management team to reduce time spent in Records and information Management.  You are experts in your Financial Field, let our team manage your Records and Information Management services.

Example of Financial  Services Client with 4 key Actions :

1. Validation and Analysis of current in-house and external Records to provide a report on volumes, types of records, access regularity, method to access and owning departments.

2. Analysis of current service provider’s contracts, services, costs and performances to date. Create the RFQ to go to market, full due diligence of all suppliers, conclude recommendations and report on savings achieved.

3. Established specialist digitisation requirements for specific departments to further reduce costs, RFQ to go to market, full due diligence of all suppliers, conclude recommendations and oversee the whole project.

4. Procedure Document produced for internal staff -present the whole service provision to staff, share, discuss, plan additional actions going forward. *There are no restrictions to this list, what are your business frustrations?  We can assist!