Kirsty worked with Four Square throughout 2019/2020 focusing predominantly on our GDPR information management requirements whilst navigating a very complicated starting position.  From the outset, Kirsty provided Four Square Management team with a clear, concise and action related process plan based upon our business requirements that not only addressed our immediate priorities but also provided a stable basis from which our team could self-maintain going forward.  Kirsty is meticulous in her detail on each action recommended and taken, she provided us with weekly progress updates and concluded her project with a complete package containing all Four Square data returned and her business generously donated 4.5 days of Consultancy costs to our Organisation.  Furthermore, Kirsty is passionate about her service delivery and about those involved in the project, nothing was ever too much trouble and her effortless ability to integrate and work alongside our staff was a breath of fresh air.

Four Square are very pleased with the outcome of Kirsty’s work and look forward to working on future projects together as they evolve, furthermore, we would have no hesitation in recommending Kirsty and her Consultancy services

Jane Devine, CEO for Four Square

Kirsty has worked with the firm for over 16 years on many projects, in 2019/2020 we have focused on re aligning our Firm’s strategy regarding Records and Information Management where Kirsty has been pivotal in our selection of the most appropriate service provider(s).

In particular, Kirsty has produced excellent statistics and analytical information with numerous recommendations to assist in our decision making process. For someone with little experience in the field of Records and Information Management, it’s efficient service delivery and complex commercial implications, I found Kirsty’s expertise and input to be invaluable. Kirsty helped me navigate the Records and Information Management Service maze! It is therefore accurate to state that Neilsons have benefitted significantly from two areas, cost reduction & improved service because of Kirsty’s experience in the field and knowledge & experience which was shared openly and with great integrity for all involved in her work. Kirsty’s business acumen in this field is second to none.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending AEB Consulting Scotland to anyone requiring assistance with Records and Information Management guidance. What’s more, whilst Kirsty is a highly professional person, she is also extremely enthusiastic and personable.

Jenna Spence, Neilsons Solicitors and Estate Agents

There have been a number of extremely complicated projects to be managed in order to achieve our key business driver in the conversion from physical to digital data.   AEBC have provided exceptional support, direction, experience and guidance in ensuring the best and most appropriate specification is adopted in order to meet our needs and ensure delivery within desired timescale.


In addition, AEBC also proposed intuitive options that would further benefit us in reducing costs with little or no disruption to our administration team.  Kirsty Browne has consistently been a reliable and trustworthy source of information and has been instrumental in assisting me.   I would have no hesitation in highly recommending her extensive knowledge in this industry and above all else, her integrity, professionalism and passion with which she delivers her recommendations to her clients.  Kirsty is a pro-active professional who openly shares her opinions and provides efficient support throughout our projects, and nothing is ever too much trouble.

Lynda Boyd, Arup

…..having worked together over a number of years in connection with our secure shredding and, more recently, records management. They undertook a project for us regarding a proposed change of our offsite archive storage provider, they took the time and effort to understand our business requirements, anticipated our questions and concerns and, although the project did not come to fruition due to commercial reasons, their knowledge and professionalism was remarkable throughout. I have no hesitation in recommending AEBC for any project regarding records management as their integrity, reliability and enthusiasm for their chosen field are absolute.

Margaret Palmer, Chiene & Tait

…. they have continued to support our Firm by ensuring that we have made the right choices for our Records & Information Management service requirements.  In the past 15 years, we have moved from a small local Supplier to a Global Leader and then onto a National Supplier and each time, they have thoroughly researched the detail upon which the contracts were based, provided excellent analytical information with numerous recommendations and suggestions to assist making our decisions.


The Firm has benefited repeatedly from significant cost reduction and improved service at each transition with little or no disruption to our fee earners and the administration team involved.


We have no hesitation in recommending their attention to detail, their extensive knowledge in this industry and above all else, their integrity, professionalism and passion to deliver the right service to the client.

Cathy Thomson, Cashier, Neilson’s Solicitors.

I have known and worked with Kirsty Browne on a number of Records Management contracts for over 10 years and in that timeline she has consistently been a reliable and trustworthy source of information which has been instrumental in assisting me.  I have worked directly with Kirsty on many occasions and would have no hesitation in highly recommending her attention to detail, her extensive knowledge in this industry and above all else, her integrity, professionalism and passion with which she delivers her recommendations to her clients.  Kirsty is always happy to assist, keeps in touch regularly, offers enthusiastic ideas/options and is open to sharing why she believes those ideas and options should be considered.

David Nicol, Records Manager, Pinsent Masons

….. professional and provides excellent customer service, provides support from the first meeting and throughout any project.

Janet McGrouther, Procurement, NHS Scotland

….. Knowledge of Records Management is unquestionable, excellent attention to detail and is extremely hardworking.  Taking on parts of a project which probably are not their area of responsibility in order to make it all come together and move things forward.  Brings to the table an enthusiasm and passion for their area of expertise which gives us the confidence in their ability to provide the best fit for the business.

Fiona Chapman, Facilities Manager, Tods Murray

….. always diligent who looks at most situations from all angles to ensure the provision of the right solution to any request or problem.  Will not recommend the solution if they do not truly believe it is the right solution for the client.  At no time has their honesty or integrity ever come into question and it’s a pleasure to have worked with them.

Douglas Paul, Consultant, Oil & Gas Industry

…..their attention to detail and value for the client’s wellbeing throughout and beyond a project is astonishing.  Thorough method of working makes any project run smoother and gives everyone confidence that things are moving in the right direction. If you have AEBC on your team you have an asset that is going to make things happen. I would gladly work with them again and again.

Gary Sanders, Director, Intandem Solutions