AEB Consulting Scotland believe Legal Firms aim to share their knowledge, are constantly looking to improve their services and provide excellent support to their clients.  They offer specific expertise to their client base, they are trustworthy, ethical in all that they deliver for their clients and should be 100% confident to boast reliable reputations in their market place.

It is therefore imperative that their Practice Management Systems compliment their day to day service delivery to both internal and external clients by operating efficient use of their staff time and skill sets across the Firm.  Information Management and Data Protection are specific and key components that work in conjunction with a robust Records Retention Plan.  Client Matter files are the lifeblood to all departments of the Firm and are required to be accessed securely an easily.

As Legal Firms evolve, acquisitions and liquidation transactions occur it is crucial that all Information and Assets are identified and managed efficiently.  Experience has taught us that across the wide spectrum of Legal Firms from SME to Large Corporate Organisations, there is always room for improvement thus good practice to utilise our ‘un-biased’ approach and tap into our vast knowledge within this sector.  Just because a process has always been in place, does not necessarily mean it is best serving your Firm’s needs now.

AEB Consulting Scotland deliver efficient and flexible options for your consideration and often compliment an existing Procurement or Facilities Management function.  Avoid wasted time wading through the complicated assessment and creation of specification thus cut internal costs.  You are experts in your Legal Field, let our team manage your Records and Information Management services.

Example of a legal client showing 6 key actions taken in order to execute Consultancy Services:

1. Project to visit 3 client locations, assess their in-house Records, provide a report on volumes, types of records, regularity of access by staff, method used for access and identify owning departments.

2. Update & Edit existing Retention Policy to incorporate the additional requirements

3. Analysis of current storage service provider’s contracts, services, costs and performances to date. Create the RFQ template to go to market, full due diligence of all suppliers, conclude recommendations and report on savings achieved.

4. Established specialist digitisation requirements of long term records, RFQ to go to market, full due diligence of all suppliers, conclude recommendations and oversee the whole project implementation.

5. Recommendations on improvements include Mail, File, Asset, Job tracking using independent supplier to service providers and Data Compression tools to save server space and costs for the internal IT Team

6. Procedure Document produced for internal staff – ie ‘How To’ present the whole service provision to the staff, share, discuss, plan additional actions going forward. *There are no restrictions to this list, what are your business frustrations?  We can assist!